Dynex Announces a Strategic Partnership with Etica and Donates 100,000 DNX to Accelerate Open-Source Medical Research

Dynex [DNX]
3 min readNov 1, 2023

In this strategic collaboration with Etica, an open-source protocol for medical research, the aim is to make neuromorphic computing accessible to Etica’s medical researchers. This initiative will provide the efficacy of quantum computing without its limitations, thus expediting scientific advancements. As part of the partnership agreement, Dynex will contribute 100,000 DNX in Neuromorphic computing credits on the Dynex platform to support Etica’s research community.

Etica to Become a Cornerstone for Decentralised Medical Research

Etica outlines the creation of a neutral protocol to enhance the efficiency and speed of open-source medical research by eliminating the need for intellectual property incentives. This protocol uses proof-of-work providing a privacy-based voting system where token holders submit scientific articles related to specific diseases, creating a Nash equilibrium to encourage research publication. The protocol adjusts its voting threshold periodically based on the approval-to-rejection ratio, fostering off-chain communications among token holders and facilitating the emergence of disease-specific organisations for informed analysis, ultimately aiming to become a cornerstone for decentralised medical research communities.

Etica — Open Source Medial Research

Efficient Neuromorphic Computing on Dynex

Dynex represents the world’s inaugural neuromorphic supercomputing blockchain, operating on the DynexSolve chip algorithm. This novel approach, based on Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW), addresses real-world challenges by delivering neuromorphic computing with quantum efficiency and overcoming its inherent constraints. With an impressive market share exceeding 20% among GPU miners, Dynex empowers users to perform machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization tasks across a vast network of over 500,000 participating graphic processing units (GPUs), seamlessly complementing Etica’s ecosystem. The computational capabilities hold particular significance in the domain of medical research due to their capacity for resource-intensive modelling. Dynex has previously demonstrated its exceptional computing prowess by successfully implementing cutting-edge models for tasks such as RNA folding, enzyme target prediction, breast cancer detection, and more, showcasing its superiority over conventional computing methods.

Neuromorphic RNA-Folding on the Dynex Platform

100,000 DNX Computing Power for Etica’s Researchers

Previously, Dynex employed the Q-score to benchmark the computing capabilities of its Dynex Neuromorphic Platform, facilitating a comparative evaluation with contemporary state-of-the-art quantum computers. Their findings demonstrated that the Dynex platform exhibits remarkable performance superiority over the presently largest quantum computing systems. While physical quantum computing systems such as Google’s Sycamore, IBM’s Osprey, D-Wave’s Advantage, and Rigetti’s Aspen-M-2 have reportedly achieved Q-scores not surpassing 140, the Dynex Neuromorphic Platform has demonstrated a Q-score exceeding 15,000. As part of the partnership, Etica’s research community will be able to use up to 100,000 DNX worth of computing completely free of charge on the Dynex platform.


Dynex: https://dynexcoin.org

Etica: https://www.eticaprotocol.org



Dynex [DNX]

Dynex is a next-generation platform for neuromorphic computing based on a groundbreaking flexible blockchain protocol.