Dynex launches market place — offering quantum computing-like efficiency without its limitations to the public

Dynex [DNX]
4 min readDec 13, 2023

The Dynex Neuromorphic Computing Cloud, following a one-year period of rigorous building testing, is opening its doors to the public. After a closed-beta phase with over 25,000 computing jobs performed by dozens of test customers, the world’s first neuromorphic supercomputing blockchain [DNX] is now accessible for AI and machine learning experts, global-2000, healthcare, pharmaceutical and fintech companies as well as science and research bodies.

During the beta test phase, customers have been raving about Dynex’ performance: “Dynex is 867% faster than our local computing”, says Weixin Lin from China Unicom, the worlds sixth largest mobile provider in the world. Samer Rahme, CTO of Cali Global, finds: “It took Dynex 1 minute to compute an architectural problem, which usually takes days”. The efficacy of Dynex has also been independently evaluated by measuring the Q-Score of Dynex’ computing cloud, which outperforms existing quantum computers by orders of magnitude.

Many algorithms, originally designed to run on quantum computers, can also be run without modifications on the Dynex platform. For the first time, customers can now use and leverage their superior characteristics to compute more efficiently and achieving higher accuracy than traditional systems. These include next generation algorithms for machine learning but also new methods for a variety of optimisation problems.

Seamless integration in existing frameworks, ready-to-use templates and community experts

The market place offers customers access to the supercomputing cloud with a suite of Python, PyTorch, IBM Qiskit, Scikit-learn, D-Wave or Google Tensorflow compatible packages. It also provides a repository of ready-to-use templates, which can be used to run computational tasks directly with only small modifications. And for those not possessing the expertise or having the time to dive into quantum or neuromorphic specific computations, the market place also offers a job postings market, where community experts take on job postings from potential customers, making access to supercomputing seamless and effortless for everyone. In turn, this also opens up new ways for Dynex ecosystem participants to generate income. With the right expertise, people can offer ready-to-use templates on the market place and also work as community experts on customer jobs.

Pricing: free & pay per use

Using Dynex’ technology for computations on local machines is free,
which allows sampling of computing problems on the local machine before using the Dynex Neuromorphic Computing cloud and is mostly intended for prototyping and testing of code. Computing on the Dynex cloud is being charged in Dynex’ native token DNX (based on effective usage). Users are able to maintain balances on the Dynex market place. Cost for compute are supply & demand driven, with higher paid compute jobs being prioritised by workers. A “pay as you compute” block fee defines the amount to be paid for each block which is typically produced every 2 minutes. The requested number of chips, duration, dimension and complexity of a computational task determine the fraction of the block fee to be charged for compute. Automated FIAT payments for compute (by automatically converting currency into DNX) will be integrated in the near future.

Renumeration for contributing GPU workers

Workers, who are contributing GPU power to the Dynex network are receiving increased block rewards as customer’s payments for compute are being added as transaction fees (after deduction of a developer fee), making the Dynex token a true utility and independent from new block mining rewards throughout the lifetime of the ecosystem.

About Dynex

The Dynex Platform stands at the forefront of this technological evolution, harnessing the principles of neuromorphic dynamics to revolutionize the way we solve discrete optimization, sampling, and machine learning dilemmas. At its core, Dynex employs a groundbreaking technique known as neuromorphic annealing to explore and unearth solutions to the most complex problems. This approach diverges fundamentally from traditional computing methodologies, capitalising on the inherent tendencies of real-world physical systems to seek out low-energy states. The orchestration of computing tasks is meticulously managed through the in-house Dynex Mallob system, distributing work among all participants. Miners, who contribute their computational prowess, receive rewards in the form of block rewards, transaction fees within a block, block fees facilitated by Dynex’s customers, and the coveted solution reward, generously bestowed upon the miner who successfully completes the computational task first. Dynex is committed to forging a brighter future through the fusion of cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking computational solutions.

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Dynex [DNX]

Dynex is a next-generation platform for neuromorphic computing based on a groundbreaking flexible blockchain protocol.